Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We have a dream, we exist for a purpose and we make extraordinary things happen for a good cause. We follow the principles and wishes of our clients. We cherish and encourage our employees. We respect and satisfy demands of our investors. We are company that is transparent, responsible, sharing and global. The world has given us a great responsibility.

Our mission is to use our knowledge and wisdom, share our dreams, beliefs and system value with the world and make dreams a reality, help 7 billion people change their apprehension of money and transform the financial industry. We are the 21st century. We are Finmaps.

GravityCoin will become the world’s most powerful, admired and daily used cryptocurrency committed to a better and cleaner Earth.

We believe that soon GravityCoin will be as commonly used as EUR, USD, GBP or JPY for everyday activities such as shopping or buying a cup of coffee.

GravityCoin was created as the people’s money. Our goal is to build strong and stable cryptocurrency based on people’s trust and belief rather than a government’s agreed decision of value. We want to help people achieve their financial freedom.

GravityCoin is the first green and CO2 neutral cryptocurrency. Every time someone makes a payment with GravityCoin, we transfer significant amount of money to environmentally-friendly projects, such as planting trees, reducing CO2 level in the atmosphere or protecting endangered species. With every transaction, we all automatically help the Planet!

We Create – We Complete – We Connect the World . Join us in RETHINKING manufacturing, MONEY & logistics combined with protecting the Nature.

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