Gravity coin a highly referenced and fully vetted, peer reviewed cryptography, while many crypto currency, a technology which is yet to prove itself, even if it does show a lot of promise. Gravity coin uses a lot of Bitcoin code, which makes it very easy for wallets and merchants to integrated it. You can also know at any time what the total coin supply is, something that's not possible with others.

With Gravity coin, the anonymity set is on a dramatically higher magnitude. Instead of having an anonymity set limited to the few hundreds, Gravity Coin has an anonymity set that encompasses all “minted coins” in the system. The magnitude of the anonymity set is on the order of millions, rather than hundreds – it makes all previous alternative crypto currencies aimed at privacy obsolete. There are some major benefits to invest on Gravity Coin.

Lower Inflation Risk

Gravity Coin has lower inflation risk: All world currencies are controlled by their respective governments. This is what at times leads to fluctuation in the value of the currencies since governments keep printing more money. When a currency loses value, its purchasing power goes down and leads to paying more money to acquire the products. In the end, it is like a tax on what people have already acquired, which may not be enough at the same time. With Gravity Coin, the system is infinite and therefore no need to worry of the money getting finished.

lower Falling Risk

Gravity Coin investors believe that the currency has a lower falling risk, compared to other currencies. This is because Gravity Coin is a global currency that does not depend on government policy that can fail and cause hyperinflation or complete collapse of the currency.

Simple, Easy and Cheap

Gravity Coin transactions are simple, easy, and cheap. Since the buyers cannot claim their money back after purchase, it gives the sellers an opportunity to ship the product or service to the buyer without any worry of recovery.


Gravity Coin is portable: With the current major currencies, it is difficult to carry around large amounts of money. Cash amounting to millions is risky to carry for several reasons, which is why Gravity Coin investors prefer it to other currencies. With Gravity Coin, you can easily carry around a million dollars’ worth of Gravity Coin in a memory card.


It cannot be traced. This is another advantage of Gravity Coin. Once the seller gets the money, it cannot go back to the buyer by any means. This is important because no government can trace the source of your funds.

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